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Pumpkin Spice Headwrap

Designer: Miss Tosh

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The Pumpkin Spice head wrap is the perfect for every glamour ghoul! You will be drop dead gorgeous in our favorite Halloween accessory πŸŽƒ

The style is inspired by the "Old Hollywood" Starlets of the 1930s. Made from a luxurious quality velvet, with added stretch and trimmed with plush marabou Pom-Poms. The Pumpkin Spice wrap is hand sew in a knotted turban style that can be worn with many hair styles. A quick and easy way to dress up every every outfit. An elegant style for easy added glamour.

Photographer : Eva Zigfield

Model : Miss Tosh

Customer : Emma Vauxdevil

Designed by Miss Tosh Hand Made in Hollywood, CA.